What to Expect

what to expect

Our hospital has defined rehabilitation with positive results in mind. Your course of treatment will be tailored to meet your needs and abilities. You will be under the care of our team of qualified experts, working together closely to plan for your recovery.

Although the plan of care is different for each patient, the daily schedule follows the same basic routine.


  • There’s a lot of work to do, so the day starts early.
  • Your nurse will visit you and provide you with any needed treatments.
  • Nursing and/or therapy staff will help you to use the rest room, and get clean and dressed for the day.
  • Breakfast is planned daily by your nutritionist and physician to account for your current medical needs.
  • Patients typically have 2-3 therapy sessions in the morning before lunch. Your therapy schedule is provided to you each evening so you know what to expect the following day.


  • Lunch is planned by your nutritionist and physician to account for your current medical needs.


  • Your afternoon will also be spent in therapy sessions.
  • Time for resting is provided between sessions, when needed.
  • Nurses will check up on you through the day, provide you with needed treatments, and help you practice the activities you learn in therapy.


  • Dinner is planned daily by your nutritionist and physician to account for your current medical needs.
  • You have the evening free to visit with family and friends, relax, read or watch TV.
  • Snacks are always available. Just ask.
  • Nursing staff will help you with grooming, putting on your bedclothes and getting comfortable in bed.

Late Evening:

  • During the night, we work hard to minimize interruptions. We will check on you throughout the night and provide any needed treatments, but we won’t wake you unless it’s necessary.

Spontaneous events

  • Throughout your stay, you will receive routine visits from a physician experienced in rehabilitation.
  • Your case manager will also visit. The case manager coordinates your care, ensuring all needs are met and questions answered.
  • Your doctor and case manager are always just a phone call away.
  • At some point during your stay, case management will schedule a time for your family to receive training from staff on how to assist with your care upon discharge.

Becoming a Patient

Our hospital provides care for those who are ready to be discharged from a hospital but not ready to return home. Treatment and care is designed to bridge the gap between hospital and home. Anyone who is limited functionally from an injury or illness can benefit from rehabilitation.

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Contact us to learn more about our rehabilitation programs or to set up a tour at our hospital.

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Patient Testimonial

Jason Mitchel
I kept my promise and I walked out of HealthSouth after only about 17 days. Today it is hard for people to believe that I had a stroke.
Jason Mitchell

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See Our Hospital

Join us for a virtual tour of our hospital where you will see our patient rooms, exercise facilities, and more. You can also set up a personal tour by calling our hospital.

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The Joint Certification

By demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards for healthcare quality and safety, our hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission.

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